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The YC-8X is an innovative Component Video(YPbPr) Distribution Amplifier, which is useful for signals distribution from high quality Video devices, Video game consoles, Video CDs, DVDs, Satellite Receivers, STB set-top boxes and etc.. The color of YC-8X is silver and the dimension is 61(H)x384(W)x202(D)mm, which is smaller than YC-8R and YC-8L.

YC-8X supports 2 Video input and provides 8 output to HDTVs, LCD TVs, PDP TVs. That the 8 outlet distribution amplifier support Cable to run up to 200ft makes the output signal be as clean as the input signal.

YC-8X can have a daisy chain to large number of televisions. Users can expand the TV quantity depending on what they need in actual condition.


• 10Hz-150MHz super wide band.
• No signal loss.
• Daisy chain to unlimited number of televisions with equal picture quality.
• Switchable for 2 sets of input.
• 8 sets of outlet can be connected with unlimited number of YC-8Xs.
• Golden plated RCA connectors.
• Transmitting distance runs up to 200ft.
• Dimension 61(H)x384(W)x202(D)mm.


Model YC-8X YC-12X
Bandwidth 10Hz~150MHz 10Hz~150MHz
Gain 6dB 6dB
Input Level 1Vp-p 1Vp-p
Output Level 1Vp-p 1Vp-p
Input Port 2 Component YPrPb(YCrCb) IN 2 Component YPrPb(YCrCb) IN
Output Port 8 Component YPrPb(YCrCb) OUT 12 Component YPrPb(YCrCb) OUT
Input Connector/Impedance Gold RCA JACK/75ohm Gold RCA JACK/75ohm
Output Connector/Impedance Gold RCA JACK/75ohm Gold RCA JACK/75ohm
Power Source AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz
Power Consumption 15W Maximum 15W Maximum
Dimensionss 61(H)x384(W)x202(D)mm 61(H)x384(W)x202(D)mm