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This kind of the Converter is a VGA video converter. It converts VGA input into HDMI to allow PC users to show their image not only on the PC’s monitor, but could also on TV, to have a large display. The conversion is along with the R/L audio.

HDCO-01E offers solutions for digital entertainment center, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector factory, noise space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.


• Easy to Use: Install in seconds, no need of setting.
• Conversion: It could convert PC’s VGA video and R/L audio into completeHDMI.
• Extra VGA and R/L audio outputs: the outputs could be connected back to PC’s monitor and speakers.
• Manual adjusting button: used for position the image precisely under some extreme condition.
• HDCP compliant.


Input Video Signal 0.5-1.0 volts p-p
Input DDC Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
Maximum Single Link Range 1600X1200, 1080P
Output Video HDMI + HDCP: 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3
VGA 640x480---60Hz 72Hz 75Hz
800x600---60Hz 72Hz 75Hz
1024x768--60Hz 70Hz 75Hz
DTV/HDTV 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P
HDMI Compliance HDMI 1.3
Frequency Up to165Mhz
Video Amplifier Bandwidth 2.5Gpbs/250MHz
Interlaced(50&60Hz) 480i,576i,1080i
Progressive(50&60Hz) 480p,576p,720p,1080p
Size(W-H-D) 89mmW x 29mmH x 68mmD
Weight(Net) 0.68kgs
Limited Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +70℃
Operating Humidity 10% to 85 % RH (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -10℃ to +80℃
Storage Humidity 5% to 90 % RH (no condensation)
External Power Supply 5V DC@1A