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TThe OM-168 series are high quality and high technical audio / video modulator of mini type. Use the DIP-SW to set channel, so you can easy and precise to select any one channel.Other frequency ranges can be made in accordance with your request.
• Lowest Frequency : 48MHz
• Highest Frequency : 600MHz
• Frequency Range : 30MHz (VHF-LO) 80MHz (VHF - HI , UHF)


• All IC circuit designed
• Frequency synthesized, PLL technology (High precision frequency)
• DIP-SW channel setting, CH. select easily
• Video bright and audio volume adjustable
• Audio pre-emphasis circuit designed (Pull-up audio frequency response)
• Simulation STEREO Input (R+L)
• T.P.G. function
• Built - in wide-band combiner (30 - 900MHz)


System (NTSC/PAL) as your request
Frequency Range see the model
Output Impedance 75 ohms /F female
Output Level 70 dBuV
Frequency Shift +/- 3KHz
Aural - Visual Level -18dB (typ.)
Aural Frequency depends on system
Video Input Level 0.7 to 2 V p - p
Video Input Impedance 1K ohms
Audio Input Level 0.5 to 4 V p - p
Audio Input Impedance 30 Kohms
Power Requirement AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220C / 50Hz
Net Weight 0.45 kg(without ADAPTER)
Dimensions 35 x 140 x 95(mm)

OM-168L PAL 54-89
OM-168M PAL 118-174
OM-168H PAL 174-230 
OM-168S PAL 230-300
OM-168U PAL 470-550