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The OM-167 series are new designed VHF and UHF band modulators of LC type.
They have a built-in high rejection filter to provide a clear modulation signal , and also have a wide band combine-circuit to easily combine exit signals form TV antenna or others. Uses IC circuit design that will be trusted by you.
Other frequency range can be made in accordance with your request. The frequency range of CHF-HI and UHF band is 80MHz , maximum. VHF-LO band frequency range is 30 MHz, maximum. The highest frequency is 600MHz.


• Channel frequency adjustable
• Video bright and volume adjustable
• Built-in high rejection output filter
• Audio pre-emphasis circuit designed (pull-up audio frequency response)
• Simulation STEREO Input (R+L)
• T.P.G. function
• IC circuit designed


O.S.C. mode LC oscillation
Output Frequency see the model
Output Level >70 dBuV
Aural-to-Visual Carrier Level -18dB (typ.)
Audio Input Level 0.5 to 4 V p-p
Audio Input Impedance 30K ohms
Video input Level 0.7 to 2V p-p
Video Input Impedance 1K ohms
Combiner loss 30 to 900MHz
Power Requirement 3.5dB to 6dB
Net Weight 0.5 Kg
Dimensions 35 x 140 x 95 (mm)

OM-167L PAL 54-89
OM-167M PAL 118-174
OM-167H PAL 174-230 
OM-167S PAL 230-300
OM-167U PAL 470-550