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• 5.8GHz wireless A/V transmission system.
• 8 channels system.
• External infrared extender.
• Built-in noise suppression function.
• Wide band FM modulation.
• External omni-directional antenna.
• Super quality video, stereo sound.
• Operating range: up to 100m at open site.
• IR extended distance: 50m at open site.
• Compact and mini size.
• Three colors optional.


Transmitter:VS-57T Receiver:VS-57R
8 channels system: 5.733GHz, 5.752GHz, 5.771GHz, 5.790GHz, 5.809GHz, 5.828GHz, 5.847GHz, 5.866GHz
Frequency Band 5.725~5.875 GHz Frequency Band 5.725~5.875 GHz
Output Level(Max.) 25mW(CE),50mV/m(FCC) Sensitivity -80dBm
Modulation FM(Audio / Video) IR Extending Frequency 433.92MHz
Video / Audio Input Ports 3.5mm jack Video / Audio Output Ports 3.5mm jack
Video Input Level 1Vp-p@ 75Ω Video Output Level 1Vp-p@ 75Ω
Audio Input Level 1Vp-p@ 600Ω Audio Output Level 1Vp-p@ 600Ω
IR Transmitting Range More than 5m IR Receiving Range More than 8m
Power Supply 9VDC, 400mA Power Supply 9VDC, 400mA