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M-2407IR is a Bi-Directional Amplified Splitter for Residential Home Use with Remote control extenders, which has 4-output amplified splitter with a built-in combiner for CATV and Modulated signals.

It allows IR signals to pass through the modulator input to the TV outputs, making it a perfect match for the IR-3, IR-4 Series.


• Supports CATV Bi-Directional Input.
• Supports 1 Modulator Input.
• 4 Amplified Output :10dB
• Allows IR through Modulator input port.
• Easy installation.


Model No.: OM-2407IR
4way Bi-Directional Distribution Amplifier with IR Passive
Specifications CATV Input MOD Input
Operating Frequency Range Reverse Forward
5~42 MHz 54~1000 MHz 45~1000 MHz
Gain to Distribution Outputs 1~4 -11 dB Loss 10 dB Gain 10 dB Gain
Infra-red Control Compatibility NO NO YES
All outputs are IR enabled (Suit for Oarsman IR-3 and Oarsman IR-4 systems)
Band to Band Rejection ≧40 dB
Output to Output Rejection ≧20 dB
Connectors and Impedance F-Type (female) 75ohm
Power requirement DC12V 1A Switching Power Supply
Operating temperature range -10~+40°C
Dimensions 124(W) x 138(D) x 38(H) mm