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Oarsman SP & PS Series Power Supply, All products are engineered to meet worldwide safety standards.
Quality and process control is insured using a variety of statistical sampling and analysis techniques throughout the manufacturing cycle.
In addition, all products must pass a rigorous burn-in and fully automated final test before shipment.




ITEM Input Power Input Plug Type Output Power Output Plug Type
SP-127F 100~240VAC
US type 12VDC/ 750mA F-Female
SP-1210D 12VDC/ 1A DC Plug
w/ Cord
SP-1215D 12VDC/ 1.5A
SP-1250D 12VDC/ 5A
SP-1412D 24VDC/ 1.25A
SP-1210I 12VDC/ 1A
W/ Power
SP-2210D Europe type 12VDC/ 1A
DC Plug
w/ Cord
SP-2210I 12VDC/ 1A W/ Power
SP-2812I 18VDC/ 1.2A

Genral Spec.