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• IR remote control signal extending by UHF.
• Can control any audio/video equipments through walls.
• Carrier frequency:433.92MHz.
• Operating temperature: 0℃ ~ +50℃
• Power Supply: 230/120VAC or DC Adaptor
• IRT-29 with LED lights to indicate remote control signals detected.


Transmitter (IR Receiver) IRT-25T IRT-26T IRT-29T
Infrared Input Frequency 35-41KHz 35-41KHz 35-41KHz
IR Remote Control Range 25ft 25ft 25ft
Carrier Output Frequency 433.92MHz 433.92MHz 433.92MHz
RF Output Level at 3meter 80dBuV
80dBuV 80dBuV
Operation Range at
150ft 150ft 150ft
Power Supply 9VDC, 150mA 12VDC, 150mA 230/120VAC or
 12VDC, 100mA
Weight Approx. 40g 300g 300g

Receiver (IR Reemitter) IRT-25R IRT-26R IRT-29R
Infrared Output Frequency 37±1KHz 32~38KHz 37±1KHz
Carrier Input Frequency 433.92MHz 433.92MHz 433.92MHz
Receive Sensitivity -85dBm
-75dBm -85dBm
Power Supply 9VDC, 150mA 12VDC,100mA 230/120VAC or
 12VDC, 100mA
Weight Approx. 40g 300g 300g