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The HDMI-PNE-2 Transmitter and Receiver incorporate HDMI™ technology, allowing you to transmit HD Video anywhere in your home using existing Power lines.
This avoids the complexities of rewiring your house or buying new Video Equipment (e.g. Video Players) for each viewing room.
This system consists of a receiver and a transmitter that deliver H.264 HD video and high quality audio from Blu-ray™ players, Set-Top boxes, and video game consoles (etc.) to compatible HDTV displays located near power outlets.
Setup is fast and easy; the Video Player (e.g. Blu-Ray player) is connected to your Transmitter while your HDTV is connected to the Receiver; both Receiver and Transmitter are connected to Power Outlets.
HDMI-PNE-2 also allows you to use IR Remote Controllers to control A/V equipment (stop/start/FF/Rewind etc.) remotely using IR signals.
The Transmitter and Receiver also have an additional function of delivering Ethernet data over Power Lines, allowing you to access the Internet from any room.


• H.264 compression technology
• Incorporates HDI technology
• Supports up to 1920 x 1080 @60i/50i/23.98p/24p resolution


VIDEO,AUDIO Specifications
Interface HDMI
VIDEO Resolution (1920 x 1080p/24, 23.98)(1920 x 1080i/60, 59.94)(1920 x 1080i/50)
(1280 x 720p/60, 59.94)(1280 x 720p/50)
(720 x 576p/50)(720 x 480p/60, 59.94)(720 x 576i/50)(720 x 480i/59.94)
AUDIO Format PCM,44.1/48 kHz,16 bits,2 channel

Item Transmitter Receiver Note
HDMI port Input: 3, Output: 1 1  
PLC Bridge Function 1 1  
IR sensor port 1 2 36/38 kHz
Remote Controller 1
IR Blaster port 2  
IR Blaster cable 2  
Ethernet(RJ-45) port 1 1 0.2A MAX
AC Power Input 100-240V/50, 60 Hz average
Power Consumption 12W 9W  
Operation Temperature
and Humidity
Storage Temperature and
-20~8℃, 20~90%RH