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MOD-501 can join together Antenna or CATV signals with 4 sets OM-167M or OM-168M TV Modulators. Can let the Antenna or the Cable TV be increased CH-14,16,18,20. Or CH-15,17,19,21,etc. Four channels.


• SMD circuit designed
• Suitable for digital TV
• Low loss BandPass filter
• Providing extra 4 channels’program
• Non-interference each other
• Small size, Easy installation


InputPort Bandwidth Insertion loss Rejection
CATV 54-860MHz 12dB 12dB
CH.14-15 120-132MHz 10dB 12dB
CH.16-17 132-144MHz 10dB 6dB
CH.18-19 144-156MHz 10dB 12dB
CH.20-22 156-174MHz 10dB 12dB