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The CAT-606R is CAT5 Receiver via simple Category 5 (CAT5) UTP cable to receive Component Video (YPbPr) and Digital Audio or Composite Video and Stereo Audio(AL/AR) for long distance from a TX CAT-5 Transmitter signals as following:
•Transmitter of YC-42C, CAT-604T, CAT-101T.
•Splitter of CD-104, CD-108
CAT-606R can distribute SD/HD signals to 6 Display Devices. If the CD-104/CD-108 is between YC-42C and CAT-606R. It could be string more CAT-606R for more devices.


1.Support Component Video (YPbPr) and Digital Audio or Composite Video and Stereo Audio
2.Digital Audio(SPDIF) port support Composite Video signals
3.Loop output for use of additional CAT5 receivers
4.Long distance extend via CAT5
•1000 feet for HDTV resolution 480p
•600 feet for HDTV resolution 720p
•450 feet for HDTV resolution 1080i
•1000 feet for Composite Video(YPbPr)
•1000 feet for Digital Audio (SPDIF) and Stereo Audio
4.Modular component video I/O configuration available in a variety of sizes
5.Route and distribute YUV over CAT5 twisted-pair instead of costly individual cables
6.Reduce overall installed cost about 40%
7.Enclosure type: wall mount metal case


Specifications CAT-606R
Type of Signals Component Video(YPbPr)+Digital(or Composite Video)+Stereo Audio
Input 1 set x RJ-45 Jack
Output 6 set x Color-coded RCA female connectors
Loop Output Terminal 1 set x RJ-45 Jack
Video Bandwidth 160MHz large signal bandwidth
Slew Rate 1600V/μs @G=1, Vo=2Vp-p
CMRR 65dB@10MHz
Video Out Impedance 75Ohms
Video Maximum In Levels 1.4Vp-p
Audio Out Impedance 10K Ohms
Audio Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz, +/-1dB
Audio Maximum In Levels 2Vp-p
Distance by CAT6 Cable 1080i (1920x1080) 450feet
720p (1080x720) 600feet
480p (720x480) 1000feet
Composite Video 1000feet
Dimensions 227(W) x 115(D) x 28(H)mm
Net Weight 0.65kg
Power Requirement DC12V@1A