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Our RGB Balun uses unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables to transmit one Red, Green, Blue (RGB) video channel, and when used in pairs the RGB Balun enables transmission of RGB signals with synchronization on Green. For the end user the RGB Balun saves time and cuts costs through the use of twisted pair rather than coax cabling for RGB video equipment.

The RGB Balun is an essential component for any well-functioning command center, control room, multimedia room, and communication center or convention facility. start>



RGB video with synchronization signals on one of the color signals (i.e. synch-on-green)

RGB projectors, monitors, matrix switchers, media walls, splitters, mixers, scan converters, video scalers and other RGB equipment that supports sync-on-green via three (3) coaxial cable

Bandwidth: Video: DC to 8 MHz. --- 480I and 480p only

Maximum Video Input: 1.1Vp-p

Insertion Loss: Less than 2 dB per pair over the frequency range from DC to 8 MHz

Return Loss: Greater than 15 dB over the frequency range from DC to 8 MHz

Maximum Distance for color video: via Cat.5 UTP cable: 520 ft. (158 meters)

UTP: 24 AWG or lower solid copper twisted pair wires impedance: 100 ohms at 1 MHz.
Maximum capacitance: 20 pf / foot
Attenuation: 6.6 dB/1000 ft at 1 MHz

Connectors: Three (3) RCA Female / One (1) RJ45 jack

Accessories: Three (3) coaxial jumper cables included, BNC male to BNC male

Pin Configuration:
Red (Pr): Pins 7/8
Green (Y): Pins 3/6
Blue (Pb): Pins 1/2

Impedance: 75 ohms (BNC) unbalanced

Operating : 0 to 55° C
Storage : -20 to 85° C
Humidity : up to 95% non-cond.

Enclosure: Fire retardant plastic

Dimensions: 81x60x24mm

Housing: Black ABS

Enclosure: Fire retardant plastic

Genral Spec.